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No matter where you are in your marketing journey, we will be your “travel buddy”, staying by your side as you explore the wondrous world of online marketing.

Grow Your Potential

You’ve created a unique service. Expanding, growing and reaching those customers who would truly appreciate the unforgettable travel experience you offer means defining what you see as “growth” for your business. How do you define growth?


Explore Your Options

We create one-of-a-kind marketing experiences for our customers – and we’d like to do that for you. We’ll help you find your growth through simple, easy marketing solutions that are built with your brand in mind.

We Start with Our Base Packages

Over the years, we’ve discovered the every business falls into one of three categories. These categories are our boarding gate, if you will. We determine where you are now and discuss where you want to go; then, we design your marketing experience around those base needs.

icon1This plan is cost effective and targeted for growth – whatever your version of growth may be. If you have a business strategy or plan, our online experts are ready to help you transform it into an effective strategy that delivers. Best for startups and businesses about to launch a new product line or service.


icon2If your marketing plan isn’t translating into increased bookings and revenue growth, our marketing experts will analyze, assess and work with you to create a plan that delivers more aggressively. Best for businesses that are looking for marketing solutions but aren’t quite ready for a full-service strategic partner.


icon3The name pretty much says it all – full service marketing that includes everything from the initial marketing strategy to day-to-day maintenance. It’s our version of an all inclusive: generating traffic, driving leads and helping convert those leads into happy travellers. Best for businesses who are reaching high and need help attaining their goals.


Customize Your Experience

Once you’ve boarded the JWM plane (so to speak), it’s time to ensure your marketing solution is everything you want it to be. Working with you and your team, we build on that base package by incorporating one or two (or three) of our other unique services.

Website (Re)Design

Your website should reflect your company’s personality, what sets you apart from your local travel industry friends. Our website design or redesign service ensures your website speaks to the experience you provide from the first click. A website we design will:

  • Grab visitors attention and keep them interested
  • Increase your bookings, sign ups and other conversion measures
  • Provide easily trackable statistics and data to monitor the success of campaigns



Text ads, banner ads, native ads, paid advertising and free
advertising – there are a lot of different ad platforms and formats to choose from. Which one we pick for you depends on your brand – and that’s what we offer… unique, eye-catching ads.



Online & Social Media Management

Blogging, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization are the holy grail for getting found online. We know how to setup your website, social media and online marketing to tailor your message to your ideal guest, be it the honeymooners or the adventurers (or anything in between).



Creating Leads

You’ve seen the requests to “sign up for our newsletter!” – this marketing strategy generates “leads” (names and emails of people interested in your travel experience). We can help you increase your database of potential customers through newsletters, downloads and more!



Converting Leads

We take your database of leads and transform them into booked guests. How? It’s simple – through the strategic use of newsletters, remarketing strategies, marketing automation and email drip campaigns.




Monitoring & Continually Improving

Remember our guarantee – we’ll stick around after the marketing solutions have been implemented to ensure your goals are being achieved. More than that, we’ll keep you in the loop and explain how we measure and analyze the data. Then we’ll suggest changes that will get you where you’re going.



Our Guarantee

When Joy Works Marketing partners up with a new client, we harness our passion for travel and channel it into our work. We care about your business – we’ll celebrate your successes and improve on the not-so-successful endeavors.

We’re persistent, which means we guarantee you will see the results you desire. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the marketing solutions we put in place are working to increase your bookings, grow your online community and accomplish your marketing and online goals.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Let’s talk more about how we can help you increase your direct traffic and conversion rates.

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We are constantly learning and growing – after all, marketing best practice is a fluid, ever-changing beast that evolves as technology develops. We share what we’ve learned and how we use it in our blog – because our joy comes from helping others learn new things.

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