After our initial collaboration and planning with Spevco, we hypothesized that the redesign of the website would result in a 33% growth. View live before and after versions of the website.


Spevco tasked our team with redesigning a site that helped turn more visitors into sales qualified leads. We approached this from 3 angles:

  1. Restructuring the hierarchy of the website to highlight their core services and subcategories so users could find the right solution for their business right away
  2. Turn the text-heavy old version of the website into an immersive experience by calling out to customer examples, incorporating more interactive content (videos, photos and animations) and speeding up the website’s load times
  3. Provide several new ways for visitors to submit their information including large yellow callout buttons, a popup to download collateral, a scrolling contact us bar that sticks with them on every page and a newsletter signup


  • Averaged 15 form completions pre-redesign
    • Averaged 45 form completions post-redesign
  • Averaged 6.6 second website load time pre-redesign
    • Averaged 2 second website load time post-redesign
  • Averaged 1,800 website visits per month pre-redesign
    • Averaged over 3,000 website visits per month post-redesign
  • 300% growth in leads
  • 70% reduction in website load time